Scientific Medical Systems

An ISO 9001 : 2015 / ISO 13485 : 2016 / CE - Certified Company

Profile of MD

P.P.Chinnasamy is a distinguished individual, an entrepreneur, a curious engineer & most of all, a dedicated human who is constantly on the look-out for inspiration and innovation in the society. It is his fortitude that has steadily pushed the company into a pioneering field articulated with immense potential. Under him, the company and fellow workers have revised their originality, knowledge skills and technology to meet with the international standards. His work is a hallmark of intelligence and ingenuity and has more than 10 years of outstanding experience in following fields of Bio-Medical Engineering,

  • Production & Calibration of Medical Equipments
  • Installation & Demo of Medical Equipments
  • Servicing of Medical Equipments
  • Research & Development of Electro Therapy Equipments
  • Production planning, Materials Management & Execution of orders
  • Conducting Training for Apprenticeship Candidates

Technical Background

  1. B.E (Electronics and Communication Engg)
  2. Embedded Systems and Technology
  3. Computer Hardware Technology
  4. Software Application Certificate
  5. Apprenticeship Certificate